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Hepworth Lab, University of Manchester

Science Immunology


Waves of IgA Regulate the Intestinal Microbiota. This month’s cover depicts the dynamic interplay between immunoglobulin A (IgA) and the commensal microbiota in the intestinal lumen. Penny and Domingues et al. report that secretory IgA exhibits daily rhythms in its release from lamina propria plasma cells into the intestinal tract, which are controlled by signals provided by food and the circadian clock. These “waves” of IgA regulate the daily oscillations in the relative abundance of commensal gut microbes to help maintain gut homeostasis.

Cells fireworks

O'Sullivan Lab, UCLA

Nature Immunology


Natural killer (NK) cells are innate lymphocytes that possess traits of adaptive immunity, such as memory formation, as shown by O’Sullivan Lab. In the cover, NK cells differentiation into different subsets is illustrated in the form of fireworks, highlighting the stochastic manner by which a group of cells can acquire certain characteristics.

covid vaccine immunology science

Marc Veldhoen Lab, iMM

European Journal of Immunology



This cover features an illustration representing the hope to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and the role of science to reach this purpose. The knowledge on the immune system that the scientific community has gathered is represented here as the load in the boat. This knowledge was crucial in the development of vaccines and guided the scientific community in the navigation through this pandemic.

cell biology molecular parasitology bacteria
cell biology molecular parasitology bacteria


2019 Annual Highlights 


Cover and back cover representing the main areas of research at iMM in physiological state and disease. This contrast is an allusion to the researchers' aim of understanding biological processes always focusing on their implications in disease.

cell biology molecular parasitology bacteria

Submitted but not selected

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